Circle of Collaboration


The Circle of Collaboration is an effective tool to clearly identify and align people, services and businesses with shared values, passions and visions. Collaboration can occur within or across each of the following categories:

Professional & Purposeful: New ways to add value. Includes non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and other not for profit businesses.

Education & Experience: New ways to gain knowledge. Includes universities, schools, colleges and other educational institutions.

Public & Policy: New ways to govern. Includes local, state and federal government.

Corporation & Co-operation: New ways to co-create. Includes private businesses and commercial organisations.

Causes & Community: New ways to contribute. Includes individual and group supporters, speakers and activists.

Media & Technology: New ways to create content. Includes directors, producers, film makers, presenters, network and telecommunication businesses.

Social & Sustainability: New ways to innovate. Includes social enterprise, co-lab centres and innovation hubs.

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