My Story

I am all about achieving success through building quality relationships.

Hi, I’m committed to empowering people and business by promoting purpose/passion, collaboration and innovation.

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to team up with people to make a difference.

Over the years, I’ve looked outside myself for all the answers, while at other times, I’ve tried to go it alone. I now realise that genuine collaboration is only possible through building trust and openness and co-operating with those who have aligned values and passions. And that effective delivery and success is actually dependent on our ability to collaborate.

Having worked and travelled overseas, as well as being involved in community projects and social enterprise, I have experienced firsthand the value of diversity and the magic that happens when we connect with an aligned team in an authentic way.

We can achieve great things because of the people that surround us and the truth is that it’s all about establishing and nurturing relationships, not making them perfect.

I have spent many years, through trials and tribulations, understanding myself and others and recognised the importance of creating conscious choices.  I discovered that ‘energy’ plays a huge part, knowing that in every relationship there is always more than what you ‘see’.

One valuable distinction I have realised is that we are all driven to act in different ways. Some of us are clear on ‘what’ it is we need to do, while others focus on ‘why’ we need to do it and then some know exactly ‘how’ to do it. If I try and do it all myself, I can become confused, frustrated and potentially give up! What I actually need to do is team up with those that have aligned passions or visions, who can relate with the ‘why’ and ‘what’ and add value to the ‘how’.

So when I discovered this about myself I thought perhaps I might not be the only one; that others might also benefit from teaming up too and that’s why I created Cultivate Connection – to promote purpose/passion, collaboration and innovation and support the implementation of sustainable new ways.

I now acknowledge that we not only need to identify and trust who we are and what we have to offer, but we also need to team up to realise our potential. Just like the story of Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tinman and the Lion in the Wizard of Oz, the key to success in any venture is through building quality relationships, embracing different methods, adapting to change and effectively navigating new situations; ‘Collaboration invites Success’.

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Courtney Wilson

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