Individual and Team Change Management

Today, change is constant, especially when developing and growing a business and co-creating effective business solutions. We need to remember the impact this has on people and the important role you and your team have in achieving success.

Change Management is a practice that takes an adaptive approach of supporting and transitioning people to sustainable new ways.

Why? Real value is when people are fully equipped to accept and adopt the change, however big or small, and this requires pro-active management and training; and the ability to harness individual and team alignment.

The Process of Transition, by John Fisher, outlines the stages people go through when faced with a personal transition. And let’s face it, every change is personal. The time it takes to move through each stage, and the degree of denial, disillusionment and hostility, is directly related to how well the individual and team manages pivotal points along the way.

The keys to success is highlighting the “why” of change, outlining “what” is required and defining “how” to navigate the change effectively.

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